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@deathofasymmetry ll Valentine’s Day

Maka waited, somewhat, patiently on her couch. She tugged nervously on the end of her dress. First off, Maka was never truly comfortable in formal attire, but that wasn’t the real reason for her nerves. The reason was why she was wearing such a pretty little number in the first place. It was her first Valentine’s Day where she wouldn’t be sitting home alone, curled up in her bed and shut away from the world with her nose in a book. Kid had insisted on taking her out like a true gentleman.

Now Maka watched the clock as the hands made their cycle around the face. Kid would be there at exactly 8. A very symmetrical and appropriate time to pick up a date.

She could feel her nerves start to get the best of her and her patience wane. Maka took a deep breathe, she had to remain calm and brave. That’s who she was after all, but Soul’s commentary in the background wasn’t exactly happening.

She was contemplating giving Soul an exceptionally nasty Maka Chop when the doorbell rang.